60th Annual Show


It's Time for The Original 61th Annual Colby Kansas Gun & Coin Collectors Show
Guns, Coins, and Western Artifacts

Depending on the Covid-19 restrctions as of February 1, 2022, this year's show will be held at the Colby Event Center, 1200 S. Franklin Ave., Colby KS
Saturday March 12, 2022:   9am - 5pm
Sunday, March 13, 2022:   9am - 3pm

Visit the Contact Us page for a table application.

All guns coming in will be checked at the door.
All firearms will have the action tied for safety.
All Federal, State, and Local laws are to be followed.

Lunch will be available. Admission $5

For table and show information: Sunhuskershows@gmail.com   303-475-8044

As you know the Colby Show is one of the most fun shows that's why it's been running for 61 years! With the excellent reputation the Colby Show has, we get Dealers & Attendees from all over the country. We will have 24-hour security.

All dealers and attendees must obey all FEDERAL, STATE, and LOCAL LAWS and are ultimately responsible for payment of all sales taxes due.

NO LOADED GUNS ALLOWED AT ANYTIME IN THE BUILDING. Dealers must make sure all firearms are unloaded and all cartridge guns must tied so they are inoperable. No acholic beverages are allowed in the Community Building. No space will be sold or transferred by the original owner without approval from the show manager. The show manager reserves the right to refuse space rental to anyone and may discharge anyone from the show if he feels it is in the best interest of the show, other exhibitors, and/or the public.
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